About the author

Hi, I’m Rachel! πŸ‘‹

I’m a 20-something from Canada. I’ve always had a passion (read: obsession) with things like maps, cities, architecture, and local history.

In university, I realized that there was a name for this: “urban studies”. Although I was a creative writing major at the time, I decided to take on an additional concentration in urban studies. It was a move that my academic advisor described as “…interesting.”Β 

It was satisfying to learn about the things that I love, but I’m many years out of school now and still continue to enjoy researching about urban studies-related things, particularly housing. Housing Humans is my outlet for that. 

I love writing, and I make my living as a copywriter. You can hire me to write about anything (seriously, I’ll write anything). After all, my day job funds my insatiable need to write sad singer-songwriter music, which you can listen to through my shameless plug here.Β 

In my spare time, I enjoy drinking tea (good at it), drawing (not good at it), petting cats (good at it),Β  and baking things (very not good at it). β˜•βœοΈπŸ±πŸ₯§

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